Swimming Pool Repair and Renovation You Can Trust.

From Minor Repairs to Full Remodels

Very much like our homes and our autos, swimming pool components and equipment will eventually need to be repaired and even replaced. Hample Pools warrants the concrete shells on new swimming pool and spa installations for lifetime to the original pool owners. However, the interior finish will succumb to environmental effects over time and need to be refinished. Equipment becomes less efficient over time and requires repair and replacement. Plumbing and electrical components wear out and demand attention. Our team is here for you when the time comes to address these types of issues.

Swimming Pool Repair Services Include:

  • Equipment repairs and/or replacements
  • Stain removal
  • Faulty pool lights
  • Damaged pipes & seals
  • Malfunctioning controls
  • Pressure testing & leak detection
  • Clogged water lines

Renovations of existing pools can create a fresh appearance to tired, outdated pools. New coping, tile, and “plaster” will bring new life. Plus the equipment industry is continually improving their products to be more efficient in operating function and operating cost, making equipment renovations a common sense approach to saving you money long-term.

Swimming Pool Renovation Services Include:

  • Patch work for cracks
  • Tile replacement
  • Changes to coping or decking
  • Interior finish resurfacing
  • Pump replacement
  • Custom additions