At Hample Pools, We Learn About Your Desires, Visit Your Property, and Create a Pool Design Based on Your Vision.

After All, Your Pool Design Should Be Uniquely Yours

As you form your vision for adding a water feature to your home environment, Hample Pools is available to assist throughout the design process. We offer in-house pool design services as well as coordination with landscape and structural architects to capture the uniqueness of your site and to insure your pool is designed and built for your intended use. Throughout this process, many options are available for consideration and we start by asking questions to help determine the style of pool that will best suit your needs.

  • Are you interested in a lap pool, sports pool, or beach tanning area?
  • Do you prefer geometric or free form configurations?
  • Is your view one to be showcased by a negative edge pool?
  • Would you like to add waterfalls, caves or a therapeutic spa?
  • What size and shape will work best for your property?
  • What colors and finishes will best complement your existing structures?
  • Are there City easements, tree restrictions or access issues that need consideration during the pool design phase?

As clarity is added to your vision, drawings will be produced to help you fully visualize how all of the components will combine into a spectacular work of art.

Pool Design Options to Consider:

Pool Decking

Pool decking is an important element in a harmonious design. Decking options include concrete, wood, composites, and stone. Unglazed options tend to be safer around water. Sustainable forestation and harvesting have made exotic hardwoods like Ironwood or Ipe popular, not to mention environmentally correct. If you don’t want to use the real thing but want the look of wood, composite materials are a viable alternative. You will want to keep in mind safety as well as aesthetics as some textures tend to be more slippery than others.

Pool Coping

For the edge of the pool, or the coping, you may select from poured concrete, natural rock or cut limestone. This is an area where you have an opportunity to show your personality through decorative accents, textures, patterns and color choices.

Interior Finish

With advancements in cement technology, there is now a plethora of options within the newer special finishes designed for lining the interiors of swimming pools, spas, and water features. The type of finish used on your pool interior will create a unique, personalized pool experience right down to what color you would like the water to appear. When selecting your finish, texture should be considered along with color. Quartz and pebble finishes add strength and durability, while abalone shell and iridescent glass beads can add beauty and dimension to your finish. The color and shade will vary throughout the day as the sunlight reflects from different angles.


Available as accent tiles or waterline tiles, patterns can include both smooth and textured tiles. In recent years, many have opted to forego perimeter tile for the clean look of “plaster finish” continuous to the bottom of the coping. This is now possible due to the more durable finishes available. There are, however, a nearly unending array of ceramic and glass tile available in a combination of solid, transparent and metallic color variations. We have even had some opt for a completely tiled interior finish.

Water Features

Transform your outdoor living environment with the sound of flowing water by adding water bowls or waterfalls. Add warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space and achieve a stunning nighttime atmosphere with fire bowls and fire pits. From fountains, bubblers and scuppers, rain features, deck jets and aerators, to po pots, and planters, if you can imagine it, Hample Pools can create it!

Fun Extras

Built in seating and tables, swim up bars, beach entries, secret caves, the options are endless! Take your pool setting from stunning to spectacular and make your pool the focal point of any gathering when you add features that enhance your experience and enjoyment of your pool.