Hample Pools Excels in the Pool Construction Process.

The Integrity of Your Pool is our Highest Priority

This part of the process is not as exciting as the design phase, but where Hample Pools’ experience becomes invaluable is in the actual pool construction. Mundane construction elements are messy and disruptive but are essential to the integrity of the pool. We are aware that we are disturbing your home environment and we respect that this part is not pleasant. We are, however, precise, giving great attention to the construction element details which are essential to beauty and operation.

Technology has influenced how pools are crafted today and Hample Pools delivers on all of the exciting new innovations in equipment features, including automated control systems, in-floor cleaning systems, eco-friendly pumps, heaters and LED lighting. Advanced equipment aids in aesthetics and convenience, even allowing you to monitor and adjust settings from your smart phone.

The Pool Construction Process Includes:


Hample Pools will prepare the site for the construction process to begin. Depending on soil conditions and site requirements, this could mean use of excavation equipment with or without a rock hammer, bagging and beaming to increase soil stabilization, constructing steel reinforced concrete pillars to reach stable sub soil, or constructing cantilever beams.


Plumbing hydraulics is not glamorous, but it is a fundamental component to minimize problems while maximizing circulation and ease of operation for your pool. This is an area where experience is critical. Hydraulics are the bloodlines of a swimming pools pump & filtration system – an arterial system similar to the human body’s – a mechanical, pulsating system that cleanses, recycles and reliably maintains a healthy body and flow of water. Hample Pools ensures that the hydraulics of your pool are correctly sized and configured to efficiently circulate the water in your system.


There are a plethora of equipment options available and Hample Pools works with you to identify which would be of the most benefit to your particular swimming pool environment. Some are essential, like filter systems and pumps. Others are available to aid in aesthetics, such as lighting and water features. Some help with the comfort of your pool in the case of heaters and coolers. And still more are available for convenience. These would include automated controls/timers, in-floor cleaning systems, or the ability to monitor every aspect of your system from your smart phone/devices. Let us know what you are interested in and we will share our expertise in this area. We like to test new equipment on our own system first, so we know what is worthwhile and what is not!