Relax and Enjoy Your Swimming Experience.

We’ve Got Your Pool Maintenance Covered

Even with automation and labor saving devices, pools and spas require maintenance. The leaves need cleaned out and skimmer baskets emptied. The equipment needs inspected to ensure it works at optimum levels. The bottom needs vacuumed and the sides need brushed to keep the waterline spotless. And water chemistry is of the utmost importance for the swim/spa experience, as well as for the longevity of equipment and the interior pool finish.

Hample Pools offers routine maintenance programs to new owners and existing pool owners alike. During our regularly scheduled visits, our techs provide balancing of water chemistry and all required cleaning to make sure your pool is sparkling clean and ready for you to jump in. Additionally, we include inspection and oversight of your equipment, taking care of any concerns we find. You will never be sent out to find another repair company after our team identifies an issue. It will be addressed on the spot where possible and scheduled promptly when the fix cannot be handled immediately.

Our policy during spring pollen season, extended heat of summer, and tumbling fall foliage is to be “frugally aggressive” to prevent algae growth. It is a balance that our techs are trained to perform and fine tune as they become acquainted with your equipment’s response to your environment. The goal is to provide safe and pleasant swim/spa experiences throughout the (normally) six day period when we are not on site.